Delivery Information

Nature Aqua tries to minimize shipping costs by all means so we mainly use ground transportation to deliver the goods from our warehouse or form the Seller.


We continuously negotiate the best prices with our Shipping Partners.

These shipping companies will deliver packages on WORKDAYS, and during WORKING HOURS. The shipping agent will try to contact you on the phone number you specified in your order or leave a letter with the local customer service number so you can call them and specify a new delivery time and even a new local delivery place. All delivery agents are highly motivated in delivering the packages and they will do everything to contact you and hand over the package as quickly as possible. If the customer can not be reached they will store the package at the nearest Goddamn for 3 days and then return it to Seller. Please note that Nature Aqua or Seller is not liable for any damages to live plants due to excess storage time that has resulted from unsuccessful deliveries.

Delivery cost

All deliveries are made by our Delivery Partner Dot Zot. Prices vary depending on the Place and on the weight of the package - as well as on the type of the goods that are to be delivered.. The freight cost will be specified in the order summary before you submit your order by the Seller.

Delivery times

Normally orders of items in stock ship within 1-3 business days from Order Confirmation and can be expected to be delivered to you within five to ten business days. Delivery times depend on your Place/Region/state/Country distance. Please check our for country-specific details. Our big warehouse hosts thousands of different products, most of which is continuously on stock. We have a relatively big stock in the fish keeping business, so most orders will be filled within 2-5 day. If we fail to provide you instantly with a product we will contact you in 1 or 2 days to inform you of the expected dispatch time. In case of a delay in delivery of more than fifteen (15) business days beyond the estimated delivery time above, you may cancel your order subject to written notice to us, in which case we will, as our entire liability for the delay, credit any payment made by you. If the order has already shipped, you must first return the item to us before such credit can be made. You will also have the option to select another product or omit the missing product if you choose not to wait.

Please note that deliveries of aquarium cabinets and glass fish tanks take longer than the normal delivery times. The cabinets are being manufactured on an on-demand basis, normally these orders are filled within a maximum of 3-4 weeks from receiving the order. We also make custom-size cabinets.

Customer satisfaction is of crutial importance to us. We will handle all requests in a quick and professional manner. In some rare cases we might be unable to contact some customers due to faulty contact details. Please contact us  with any complaints (or please send an email to and we will try to find a solution for your case. We will handle these requests with the best effort and we are going to return the payments for undelivered packages. Your purchase is safe with Nature Aqua.

Order cancellation

If you placed an order by error please cancel it by sending an email to us on Cancellation has no cost and all prepayments will be returned in 2-3 Working Days. Please note that the order cannot be cancelled after the package has left our warehouse or From Seller.

Re-sending packages
If your package has been returned to Nature Aqua or Seller after 2 failed attempts to deliver and you did not claim it at the local shipping depo then Nature Aqua or Seller will suffer a shipping cost loss. You can initiate the resending of the package but you will have to pay an additional shipping cost in these cases. The second shipment can only be sent if the counter value of the package and the additional shipping cost has arrive to our bank. We reserve the right to deny the second sending of a package and to ban the customer from future purchases.

Plant orders

Delivery policy for orders containing live plants is different from regular orders. We have lab plants in jelly and regular potted plants from our own Nature Aqua. Our goal is to deliver the plants as quickly to your home as possible, so hundreds of plants arrive to us on a weekly basis from many vendors. We keep hundreds of plants in our shop - under professional conditions in many tanks, we have one of the biggest stock of plants in the world for a shop. Having a plant on stok in our webshop however it does not necessarily mean that we have it on physical stock. If your selection is not available immediately we will wait for the next order to finalize your package, so in some rare cases delivery times can be longer for plant orders than product orders. Please note that ordering lab plants in jelly (called in-vitro ) can extend the storage lifetime of a plant, so we strongly encourage you to prefer the lab-plants when you order.