Aqualighter 2 - Freshwater 90Cms

  • Brands : Aqualighter
  • Model : NA-P-188
  • Stock availability : In Stock

Aquarium LED lamp AquaLighter 2 is designed to illuminate freshwater aquariums up to 110 cm long with wall thickness up to 12 mm.
The lamp is extremely easy to mount and use. It has sufficient power and spectrum for almost any aquatic plant species, including the most demanding ones. The color temperature is identical to daylight (tropical noon). This ensures a natural look of your aquarium, with fish and plants appearing bright and attractive.

AquaLighter 2 LED lamp utilizes light sources that allow you to imitate the light scheme of all known aquarium types, such as Aquascape, Tanganyika, Malawi, and others.
The light sources in the AquaLighter 2 are super-bright LEDs manufactured by one of the world’s leaders, CREE (USA):

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