Aqualighter Aquascape 30Cms (With Remote)

  • Brands Aqualighter
  • Model NA-P-193
  • Availability: In Stock

Aquarium LED lamp AquaLighter Aquascape is a two-channel lamp for open freshwater aquariums, such as the “aquascape” type. It comes with a remote control.

The OSRAM LEDs used in the lamp have a high color rendering index (CRI> 85).

This makes it possible for the transmission of a true picture of the colors of plants and fish in the aquarium—as close as possible to the one in a natural habitat.

The adjustable legs of AquaLighter Aquascape allow you to place the lamp above an aquarium that is up to 110 cm long and has a wall thickness of up to 12 mm.

The light channels in the lamp AquaLighter Aquascape are:

  • “Warm White” channel – LEDs with a color temperature of 3000K, (CRI> 90).
  • “Cool White” channel – LEDs with a color temperature of 6500K, (CRI> 85).

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