Exotica Shrimp paste

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Discusfood Garnelenmix Paste is a special pasta and contains all valuable natural nutrients: Bentonit and spirulina Suitable for all tropical ornamental fish.
A new production process makes it possible: no more freezing!
High-quality food that does not need to be frozen. For example, vitamins and minerals are better protected and are not lost by freezing or thawing. This facilitates feeding because the feed no longer needs to be stored in the freezer and can be fed directly without rinsing. No danger that defrosting has occurred with spoiled food as a result.
Feeding in the form of a paste, fish will appreciate the fine structure! The pastes are suitable for all types of Discus and can be fed daily. The Discusfood Pasta contains valuable natural foods, all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. The food can be used as additives or as complete feed. Complete food for all discus fish.

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