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Fish Protector from Discusfood prevents the risk of contamination by new fish from external sources! Fish of different origins are carriers of various pathogenic germs. Mixing fish from different origins can cause so-called “x-contamination”. Often the very old fish stock gets sick. When used correctly, Discusfood Fish Protector prevents the spread of such a disease in about 95% of all cases! Your valuable fish stocks are thus protected.

What is Fish Protector? 

Fish Protector from Discusfood is a carefully balanced mixture of high-quality antibacterial substances, embedded in a natural carrier.

How do I use Fish Protector? 

Dissolve the entire contents of one package in a clean bucket of water. The newcomers must be treated BEFORE they come into contact with the old fish population. Fish Protector works preventively before disease occurs. Do not use for crustaceans and other invertebrates.

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